Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Bothers Men Most?

Probably we shall never get the right answers to the question what bothers men most in their sexual abilities.

male sexual performance troubles

Male sexual performance is not a thing to be taken lightly. Many relationships have been wrecked due to the man failing in his "duties". Surely, you are not dating a woman just for dating sake are you? There must be sex included as well and it is the intercourse thing that either fortifies or destroys your relationship.

Sexual frustration either of the man or the woman is not favorable but yet it does happen at one point or the other. The man has lost his drive or the woman just does not feel like it. The losers are both of them.

We took liberty to ask a close group of friends and those close to us just as curiosity to verify certain subjects we can not just yet proof and came to the following findings.

The Questions We Asked:

What do you feel you are missing in sex?

What would be your priority?
To increase your penis size
To have longer sexual stamina
To ejaculate more sperm
To experience more powerful orgasms
To have stronger and lasting erections

The results were unexpected but in a way we thought this is something that should be taken into consideration since those are our friends and this survey was conducted without previous preparations and discreetly even among our friends and their wives. We wanted to be sure. It was what we thought was something spontaneous making it more legit.

We distributed the questionaire among our friends telling them about a research our colleague is about to start. We also distributed a second questionare ton their wives but about that in our next post. Some men will be surprised what their women think about certain aspects of male enhancement.

All 15 men said they would like to last longer sexually. Some stated at least 5 minute more, 10 minute while one of them stated said he would like to be erect for ever. We thought that as a joke but who knows better than him?

Interestingly, out of 15 men who filled out the questionaire 12 of them would rather a bigger penis (coincides with what their wives filled out).

Only 1 of the participants confessed that he feels that his ejaculation volume was scanty (his wife's questionare confirmed that) but then all the women filled out the sperm volume section as wanting. They would rather to be wetter. Their men to dowse them not vaginal but all over the body.

Orgasms was something that was a little bit problematic. 9 men claimed to be satisfied with their orgasms, 2 women claimed that they reach orgasms "sometimes" during sex with their husbands while other women stated that they basicaly fake it out.

All men wanted stronger and lasting erections so do their spouses. We believed this is something every man and woman would like.

Our conclusion then is that men place greater importance on their penile sizes, then they would like to have longer sexual stamina which is connected with penis erections.

3 days passed after making our assessments and suggested a few supplements we know do work to the men and not telling their wives. 6 of them took immediate actions while the others were skeptical. Their rights.

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We also suggested if if they would rather an expensive but highly effective means of penis enlargement in form of devces.

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We suggested to each man and waiting for their response. They promised that and as soon as they give us their feed back we publish it.